The new BlackRock LifePath Target Date Funds.

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Get your FREE money personality.



Your money personality is the lens through which you view your entire financial world. It impacts how you earn, spend, manage and invest your money. 


Understanding your personality and that of your spouse is the starting point for creating an effective financial strategy.



Are You Within 10 Years Of Retirement?

At TM Wealth Management we have created a systematic approach to help people make the transition from working to retirement.  We have the experience, systems, and checklists to help you avoid costly mistakes and get things right the first time.

Have you asked yourself these questions?

  • When can I retire?

  • When should I take social security?

  • Is it better to move all my money into “safe” investments?

  • How much can I spend without running out of money?

  • How do I transition out of full-time work and enjoy my golden years?

Together, we can create for you a personal plan that answers all the questions above and more. It will outline what you should do from now until your last day at work and beyond. Wouldn’t that be nice to know?

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Martin Hurlburt is a founding partner of T.M. Wealth Management, LLC. A registered investment advisory firm with offices in Orem, UT and Reston, VA. To visit their website, click here.