We believe that the first step in making better financial choices is understanding your money personality and that of your spouse. This will help make the other resources included here more effective. We add additional resources and links on a regular basis.
Emotions Can Be Hazardous To Your Wealth


This 7 page essay will help you understand the biggest challenge our brains face when making financial decisions and give you one powerful solution.



The Fallacy of "Buy and Hope"

For years, we've been told to 'buy and hold' when it comes to investing. What if that no longer works?


We believe there is a better alternative.


Faith Based Principles for Financial Success​

This 29 page ebook will help you use your faith as a guide in making better financial decisions.

We believe that true financial success comes from aligning your resources with the things you value most in life.


It is available as a free download for a limited time until it can be listed on amazon for $9.95.


Complimentary 30 minute discovery meeting.

In our office, by video chat or phone, we will ask questions that help you clarify your priorities and determine if you are on track for your financial goals. We will also answer any financial questions you have. Call 801-477-0444 to schedule a time or click here.


Lessons From Behavioral Finance​


How to recognize and overcome irrational decisions when it comes to managing your investments.

The Self Assessment

This 2 page guide will help you clarify what it important to you and the impact you want your money to have on those people and things that matter most.


Part 1 is the big picture. How you'd like things to be.


Part 2 is a reality check. It's how things are right now.


Get your FREE money personality.



Your money personality is the lens through which you view your entire financial world. It impacts how you earn, spend, manage and invest your money. 


Understanding your personality and that of your spouse is the starting point for creating an effective financial strategy.



How will you use your 20 hours?


Click below to download your own chart to help you figure out how you want to use your 20 hours.