It's hard to understand why death happens.  Especially when a spouse dies. None of us know the answers or how to respond.  It's normal to feel a complex aray of emotions from confusion to anger to what feels like never-ending sadness.  Lean on your family, friends and advisors for support.  Let them help you through this difficult time.  Take them up on their offers to help and be there for you, just like you would do for them. 

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Here are some resources, especially for widows, that you might find helpful:

Resources for Widows


From Kathleen Rehl's book, "Moving Forward on Your Own" a list of what needs to be done after your husband passes away.

Legacy Sharing.

This booklet is a guide for how to write and share your own story with future generations

Money can be an emotional topic for everyone, especially when you're grieving.  In his TedX talk, Martin Hurlburt explains how emotions affect our financial choices and how to better manage your money.

Financial Feelings Survey.

This will help you determine where you need help and what you can do on your own.

Get the book.

Find Kathleen Rehl's Guidebook:

"Moving Forward on Your Own"

at the link below.

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We recommend the book, "Moving Forward on Your Own" as a guidebook that will help you feel more secure about your money.  This short video will give you a preview of what the book contains.